Emmys 2017 Nominations: 10 Most Outrageous Snubs

10. Jude Law - The Young Pope


The Young Pope was, let's face it, a polarizing show. There were people who got it, and people who definitely didn't. But no matter where you fall on The Young Pope, Jude Law's raw power in the lead role is undeniable, and there is no reason why he shouldn't have at least received a nomination for his performance.

The story of a brash, authoritarian American who seizes global power in the unlikeliest of moves feels tailor made for our times, and the unconventional filming style kept audiences constantly in a state of wrongfootedness.

And Jude Law, for better or worse, is at the center of all of this. He commands our attention in every scene, and shows the sort of acting prowess that he rarely utilizes.

So why no Emmy nod? There are plenty of actors who were nominated but created far less of a stir than this performance. For example, Liev Schreiber is an excellent actor, but who is out there still watching Ray Donovan? It seems that Law will have to be content with continuing on his series of "young" roles (he is due to star in the next Fantastic Beasts film as the young Dumbledore).


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