Emmys 2019: 10 Most Outrageous Nomination Snubs

Game Of Thrones somehow got 32 nominations, but which big names missed out?

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The Emmy nominations have just been revealed, and as usual there’s already some ups and downs before the gongs have been handed out. BoJack Horseman, Alfie Allen and and Schitt’s Creek have all earned nomination to the delight of fans who’ve frequently pushed for more recognition.

Conversely though, the poorly received Game Of Thrones Season 8 getting a record breaking 32 nominations has baffled some. A few feel earned (Emilia Clarke, Miguel Sapochnik, the aforementioned Alfie Allen), but Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Direction for the 4.2/10 rated finale on IMDb, less so.

There’s lots to discuss amongst those who actually are nominated, such as who’s most likely to win, who deserves it most etc, but there’s arguably more to be said about those who’ve missed out entirely.

The ten actors or shows here have all been overlooked in categories they might have, with a slight reshuffle to the voting panel, actually won. Some have been overlooked for too long, others are former darlings surprisingly left out in the cold, and others again are new shows which just didn’t get traction.

One thing ties them together though; they’ve all been snubbed.

10. Julia Roberts - Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series (Homecoming)

True Detective Season 3 Premiere4

The Emmys just don’t seem to be a fan of 30 minute dramas, and even a massive name like Julia Roberts isn’t enough to change their mind on that.

Homecoming itself missed out too, though aside from Game Of Thrones being nominated off the back of previous seasons, there’s a lot of strong contenders anyway. It would be hard to argue that This Is Us, Pose, Killing Eve, Bodyguard or Bettef Call Saul should miss out. Ozark or Succession maybe, but then you could fairly legitimately claim that they’d been snubbed instead.

So while Homecoming might not be enough to get a nomination on its own, Julia Roberts as Outstanding Lead Actress does feel deserving. Without the 30 minute runtime bias, she might have gotten in too.

Fans have been campaigning heavily for Emilia Clarke to win for Game Of Thrones, but nominations for Mandy Moore in This Is Us and Robin Wright in (this season of) House Of Cards feel much more precarious. With Homecoming being overlooked completely, it might have been fairer to readdress the balance and push Roberts forward here.

She’s not short on accolades across her career, but that doesn’t give the Emmys a pass to ignore her.


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