Every Big Mouth Main Character Ranked

Netflix's animated comedy about puberty has a wild and weird cast, and now they've all been ranked!

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Netflix’s Big Mouth has aired four seasons so far with a fifth likely on the way. The animated comedy is a exploration of the complications of puberty and the changes that we all go through during a difficult time in life. The show is a sometimes chaotic mess of genuine heart, surrealism, metaphors and toilet humour. Sometimes it misses the mark completely but at others it manages to be genuinely entertaining and even thoughtful.

The core of the show is its wide cast of characters voiced by some of TV’s comedy staples, including Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jenny Slate and Jason Mantzoukas. The characters are often outlandish and not always likeable. Given the ages of the characters involved they can often be petulant and whiney, but the show is clearly aiming for them to be relatable in their clueless approach to the unpleasant changes of adolescence.

In this list we’ll take a look at the main cast of characters who populate the show and rank them from worst to best.

10. Lola Skumpy

Big Mouth Jay

Amongst the main characters on Big Mouth, Lola is undoubtedly the worst. Spending most of the show playing second fiddle to popular girl Devon, Lola is a mean-spirited bully whose bolshy personality, short fuse and gravelly voice make her an annoyance at best.

Unlike most of the other characters, Lola really doesn’t have any redeemable qualities. Whilst it is true she clearly has a terrible backstory this fails to make up for how unpleasant she is. In the first season we see that she is fiercely protective of her position as lackey for the popular girl and viciously threatens Jessi for trying to befriend Devon. Later in that same episode, we see that her obsession with Devon goes beyond friendship into downright stalker territory.

The biggest misstep with Lola, however, comes during her relationship with Andrew. The show drops the ball in an episode where Lola viciously breaks Andrew's hand and then goes on to represent him as the villain in the scenario. The episode feels misplaced and the entire character of Lola feels like she doesn’t fit in the show.

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