Every Chernobyl Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

Which episode is the very best from the highest rated show in IMDb history?


HBO miniseries Chernobyl only ran for five episodes, but that was enough for it to rise to the very top of IMDb’s highest-rated TV shows. Whether or not it really is the greatest TV show ever (and further, whether any single show can truly claim that title) is a discussion for another day.

Regardless of where you stand on that, you can’t argue against the impact Chernobyl had during its short run, churning out five brilliant episodes out of five. Going back to IMDb, the lowest rated single episode sits at a mighty 9.6.

There’s not enough space to delve into everything that makes these episodes so amazing; each entry just offers a handful of great moments, and even then several have to miss out. To truly appreciate Chernobyl, you really have to watch it; probably several times.

Sifting through and coming up with a ranking, unfortunately, means putting one at the bottom, but that’s like asking Meryl Streep to pick her least favourite Academy Award. Speaking of awards, expect Chernobyl to clean up when the season rolls around, with terrific acting, writing and direction across the entire series.

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