Every Episode Of Atlanta Season Two Ranked Worst To Best

Everyone's getting robbed of something this season.


The second season of Donald Glover's groundbreaking comedy-drama Atlanta was met with high anticipation and for good reason. After the seminal first season that established the rules, characters and motivations in the alternate reality world in Donald Glover's head, it was time for the second season to take things to a new level.

With new opportunities for Earn (Glover) and his cohorts to venture down, the second season focused on the eventual rift between Alfred/Paper Boi and Earn in the music industry. Along the way, relationships are tested, dismantled and then rebuilt as the hubris of Glover's character becomes his success and his undoing.

While Paper Boi might be on the rise, it's the personal relationships that get thwarted at every turn. The arrival of new (sort of) antagonists, including rival (and more momentous) rapper Clark County is sure to become a constant thorn in Paper Boi's side, and the dominant and unpredictable parole Tracy becomes part of Earn's slight downfall.

The second season also gave us a more opportunity to get to know Van, whose nuances were laid out on the table much more clearly than the last season. And we even got our own Darius-focused episode. Whatever happens in future seasons of Atlanta, the second is sure to stay a favorite for many fans.

In preparation for the third and fourth season set to debut in 2021, let's count down and rank the eleven episodes of season two.

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