Every Episode Of The Witcher Ranked Worst To Best

Best is best and worst is worst, lesser, greater, middling it makes no difference.

The Witcher

Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher has had plenty of time to gestate with audiences now, and the consensus remains very positive. The show has had an incredibly strong opening, and despite some issues here and there, clearly shows a lot of promise for the future. A second season is most definitely coming and now is a perfect time to reflect on what made the first one work so well.

The world that Andrzej Sapkowski breathed into existence is full of charm, compelling characters and wonderful monsters that make the dangerous terrain incredibly tricky to navigate. With so many interesting directions to go in now that the audience is familiar with the roles and setting, it seems that the next season is destined to be just as dramatic and full of beasties.

Sadly, not every episode was as good as the rest, and it's surprisingly easy to single out the weaker outings in the series. Although the show aligns into a positive experience, some individual chapters drag thanks to ill-achieved characters or creative mishaps.

This list was compiled by examining IMDB ratings, general audience reception and the views of the author, and it will contain spoilers for the episodes discussed.

8. Four Marks

The Witcher

You know that a show must be good if its worst episode is as fun as this. The second chapter of the show certainly doesn't pack as much of a punch as the first, but there are a few positive elements to be discussed before examining why it falls to the lowest point.

This outing introduces us to two of the best characters in the show, those being Yennefer and Jaskier. They are both given great introductions and plenty of development in the runtime, with Yen, instantly being shown as an essential figure, and Jaskier debuting his ever-popular "Toss a Coin to your Witcher."

However, these characters only improve the episode so much, as the rest is a bland and surprisingly uneventful series of events. All of Yen's training is pushed into one episode, and that is bred of necessity but feels rushed. In addition to this, the concept of Elven prejudice is brought in but also pushed through too quickly.

Ultimately, Geralt and Jaskier's encounter with Filivandrel, the king of the Elves is uninspired and very dull, while Yen's exciting story gets rushed, and Ciri's encounter with a refugee camp is pretty mundane. The episode introduces great ideas, but does very little with them.

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