Every Episode Of The Witcher Ranked Worst To Best

7. Rare Species

The Witcher

The premise of this episode is straightforward, and that helps to give it this fun sense of adventure. You can easily follow what is going on - which isn't always a simple task with this show's non-linear narrative. However, many factors lead to this being one of the weaker episode both in regards to narrative and filmmaking quality.

Firstly, the grand reveal of dragons living in this world should have been something far more spectacular, as the fantasy creatures are a staple of the genre and traditionally play a significant role. However, here it's a very lacklustre moment filled with some confusing transspecies transformation which isn't explained very well.

The design of the dragon is very dull, and the CG makes it look relatively cheap. It's understandable that this would be the case as this is still TV, but the show has had no problems looking the best that it can be thus far, so this is an outlier.

Finally, the climactic fight is filmed so clumsily, with details missing and a camera that barely picks up any of the action. Up until this point, the fight choreography has been the main selling point, so this comes as a surprisingly weak sequence.

The story is decent and the characters work well, but it's sloppy in its filming and execution.

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