Every Inside No. 9 Twist Ranked

These guys put Shyamalan to shame...

Inside No 9

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's brilliant anthology masterpiece Inside No. 9 is basically television's answer to both M. Night Shyamalan and the Saw franchise: every story ends with a big twist.

Much like the episodes themselves, these twist endings are very varied in terms of content and themes but you'll always get one with this show, even in an episode that seems very quiet at first. So, is this a positive? Definitely.

While the Saw franchise and Shyamalan's filmography have delivered a wildly mixed bag of twists - some are great, some are painfully bad - Inside No. 9 has managed to be very consistent with its plot twists and has delivered some of the most brilliant TV rug-pulls you'll ever see.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing and there are a few bad plot twists as well; some episodes have struggled to fit in a twist that really benefits the story.

Still, for the most part this show's twists are bloody awesome and with the sixth season having recently concluded, it's a great time to see how they stack up...

37. The Understudy - Kirstie Engineered Jim's Rise To Fame

Inside No 9

Plot: In a loose retelling of Macbeth, an understudy (Shearsmith) is encouraged by his fiancee (Lyndsey Marshal) to get the main role in a production of Macbeth.

The Understudy is one of Inside No. 9's worst episodes and this twist plays a big part in that. The reveal that backstage worker Kirstie (Rosie Cavaliero) engineered understudy Jim's rise to fame - by doing things like causing the original actor to have a horrible accident and getting the company director fired - is uncharacteristically awful for this show.

Since Kirstie is such a minor character who barely appeared during the episode and didn't even interact with Jim much, this reveal feels totally unearned. The ending, like many of the worst plot twists out there, also negates what we've previously seen.

The episode hinted at Laura being the story's Lady Macbeth and at supernatural happenings, but both these plot-lines went nowhere. As well as this, the ending implies Kirstie is a crazed fangirl for Jim, but this was never hinted at during the rest of the episode.

Laura also kills herself at the end of the story but it isn't explained why she did this, so this was just a thoroughly poor ending all around. This deeply illogical and un-earned twist is easily the show's worst and it's not even close.


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