Every Love, Death & Robots Episode Ranked

Exploring Netflix's most inventive, awe-inspiring, and erratic anthology series.

The Very Pulse of the Machine

Since debuting back in 2019, Tim Miller's Love, Death & Robots has reigned supreme as Netflix's most audacious, wild, and divisive anthology series, bravely blending sci-fi with horror, satire, romance, action, and everything in between over the course of thirty-five episodes.

Despite being a show of great popularity and innumerable highs, though, Love, Death & Robots has always been something of a contradiction, releasing episodes that, even three seasons in, range from gorgeous and profound to underdeveloped and dull.

At its best, Love, Death & Robots is a series with few faults, finding a way to balance its obscene humour and brutality with compelling existential themes; at its worse, its bloody violence and crass execution leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

With that in mind, the following article will attempt to pinpoint what makes Love, Death & Robots soar, and what it needs to dial back on in later seasons, by ranking every episode of the show from worse to best. From tales of vampires, warring rats, doomed astronauts, and lost souls seeking answers to life's questions, let's dig in...

35. Sucker Of Souls

The Very Pulse of the Machine

Easily the least essential or challenging Love, Death & Robots episode on offer, Sucker of Souls adopts an admittedly distinctive animation style to tell a derivative story about mercenaries and a cave system home to Dracula.

Frantic and bloody, the episode never really has anything to say outside of its gory violence and attempts at dark humour, and its predictably hopeless ending leaves it feeling like the show on auto-pilot, going through the motions without stretching itself with a decent narrative challenge.

As with the worst of the Love, Death & Robots' offerings, Sucker of Souls is just sorta there, disposable and done. Moving on.


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