Every Marvel TV Show Ranked Worst To Best

From Loki to Daredevil, the best and worst of Marvel's small screen adventures.

Marvel TV Shows Ranked
Marvel Studios

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe exploded onto screens with 2008's Iron Man, audiences have been absolutely bombarded with small screen offerings from Marvel Studios, so much so that many of their shows - both within the MCU and beyond it - have likely passed you by.

Thanks to a host of business deals, these shows were each produced by Marvel through a variety of different streaming services, mainly Netflix, ABC, Disney Plus and Hulu, leading to an avalanche of projects releasing with radically unique visions, shifting tones, and, of course, differing levels of overall quality.

With the MCU's small screen output at full steam at the moment and a host of popular shows set to be revived in the coming years, now seems to be the perfect time to take stock of the various shows Marvel has thrown at audiences since the mid-2010s.

From the violent, moody Netflix era to the brainteasing daydreams of WandaVision and Loki, here's every Marvel TV show ranked from worst to best.

25. I Am Groot (2022-)

Marvel TV Shows Ranked

There isn't really anything wrong with I Am Groot, a brisk anthology series detailing the various solo adventures of everyone's favourite monosyllabic tree, it's just that it serves no real purpose and offers little in the way of stakes or memorability.

Whether he's wreaking havoc on the Guardians' ship or on a desperate search for ice cream, I Am Groot is perfectly lovely, inoffensive animated fun in the moment, aimed clearly at younger Marvel fans and ticking all the boxes it needs to.

Of all the Marvel shows produced so far, both in the MCU and beyond, though, this tiny series is by far the least essential and most forgettable, even if your kids are likely to love it.


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