Every Modern Doctor Who Season Ranked From Best To Worst

With fans still reeling from changes in lore, we rank each Modern Doctor Who season, best to worst.


In 1989, the BBC made the tough but considered decision to place Doctor Who on an extended hiatus. Despite a lame attempt in 1996 to reboot the series via a movie length episode, the show remained off our screens for a 16 year stint that felt like an eternity.

But thanks to the efforts of chief writer Russell T Davies and producer Julie Gardner, the BBC gave the iconic show a new breath of life. Not only has Modern Doctor Who managed to match the quality and interest of the classic series, its increased budget and ability to build more relatable companions managed to surpass it. Not only did NuWho improve in quality, is was also far more accessible for the casual viewer.

This is not to say that NuWho hasn't had its fair share of downs, in particular in recent years. Just like the classic series, the ability to keep the show fresh, exciting and engaging for traditional Whovians and casual viewers alike is a difficult one to navigate.

The increased ability for 'angry fans' to mobilise their dislike on various forums, and inherent 'pro-Doctor' biases within the professional critics also makes it harder to distinguish just where the quality levels are truly at.

So whether you're a loyal 'Chibnallist' or a 'Daviest' who feels the show has lost its way, let's reflect back on the best, and worst, that Modern Doctor Who has delivered us so far.

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