Every Simpson, Griffin & Belcher Family Member Ranked

Who’s the best of these three funny families?

20th Century/FOX Television

Animation Domination has hosted a lot of shows in its time, but there’s only been three or four which have really landed.

Golan The Insatiable, The Cleveland Show, Axe Cop, High School USA, King Of The Hill, Lucas Bros. Moving Co., Allen Gregory, Napoleon Dynamite and Sit Down Shut Up have all been in the line up over the years. Of those though, only King Of The Hill, Napoleon Dynamite and The Cleveland Show are particularly memorable, with the latter two only because of a previous connection to something much better.

This leaves The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers and American Dad. However, with American Dad moving to TBS, Fox rebranded Animation Domination as Sunday Funday, though the original title will never die.

Here, each member of the Belchers from Bob’s Burgers, the Griffins from Family Guy and the Simpsons from, well, you know, have been ranked. Sorry, American Dad fans, but they’re not in Animation Domination anymore, so have been disqualified.

Brian counts as an honorary Griffin, but don’t expect to see Santa’s Little Helper or Snowball II clogging up the list. Abe neither, as he’s not a fixed family member living at 742 Evergreen Terrace.


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