Every Simpson, Griffin & Belcher Family Member Ranked

16. Maggie Simpson


She’s a baby...

Granted, there’s another baby from a different family who features much higher up the list, but he’s involved heavily in the plot and is an iconic part of his series... plus he actually has lines every episode.

Maggie is more often than not just there. Some episodes, particularly Treehouse Of Horror episodes, cast her into the spotlight, the most notable time being when she was voiced by James Earl Jones.

Away from those though, she’s also shot Mr. Burns, saved Homer from a flying beer bottle and, on another occasion saved him from the mob. Still though, in 30 years she hasn’t contributed all that much to the general fabric of the show.

Judging her on her best moments, she’s a contender to the rest of the characters on this list; judging her on her whole run and impact, though, she’s easily bottom.

With Maggie Simpson: The Longest Daycare, she does have an Oscar nomination to her name, something which makes her unique on this list. Still, it's not enough to bump her up.


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