Every Star Trek Series Ranked Worst To Best

Where does Picard rank?


Star Trek is a bastion of science fiction, offering hundreds of hours of examples of truly superior storytelling. It has largely aimed for the philosophical side of the future, occasionally forced to do out of budgetary issues. This was not Star Wars and there weren't millions of dollars lying around to pump into action scenes. While the budget has clearly grown in the half century that Star Trek has been on the air, the central tenet of the show has been the exploration of strange new worlds.

Some of the entries in the franchise have displayed this more successfully than others. With so many years of storytelling behind us, it is inevitable that some of the entries will struggle to match with the best while conversely some of the so-called worst often have nuggets of gold hidden, if one only has the patience to look.

From Captain Kirk's first days aboard the Enterprise to Jean Luc Picard's most recent flight aboard the La Sirena, this list ranks the current Star Trek series in order from those struggling the rise above to those which are as close to perfect and Science Fiction television has yet offered.

With more new series on the way, this list is likely to change over time but for now, here are the rankings as stands.

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