Everything We Know About The Witcher Season 2 So Far

There's Valley Of Plenty more to come from The Witcher Saga.

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The festive period is over, and while you were opening presents and getting drunk, pulling crackers and watching your uncle dance to Christmas radio, The Witcher was becoming one of 2019s most streamed shows, despite only being out for a week and a half.

Receiving somewhat mixed reviews, the show has dominated Netflix’s most-watched lists, had people reaching for their Witcher 3 copies again and had the original author become one of the best-selling on Amazon.

Bringing the fandom from the games and the books together, the show also found a new audience not akin to the world of The Continent. Proving very popular among the masses, people have taken to the internet to find out what is happening next.

10. How Many Seasons Can We Expect?

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Writer and Producer of the show Lauren Hissrich has received praise among the cult fans of The Witcher series for her public personality. Engaging with fans of the show on social media regularly, she has been actively engaging in discussions and conversations about the future of her show, and it has allowed us to find out some pretty neat information.

First of all, she has admitted to looking at 6 to 7 seasons to complete the show as intended. What does this mean? Well first of all it means plenty more Witcher, but it also means that what we currently dont know about season 2, may well become true in future seasons. Currently, there are 8 books in the Witcher Saga written by Sapkowski, giving the writer plenty of source material to work from.

As the first season was heavily based on the first two books in the series, we can expect a similar approach from Hissrich in the future seasons of her show. Adapting loved works can be a fruitless task at times, but it seems so far so good, as the show has been given the thumbs up by cult fans and newcomers alike.

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