Family Guy: Each Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

Which Quahog Resident Stands Above the Rest?

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Family Guy is known for its robust cast of colourful characters occupying the Rhode Island town of Quahog. The series featuring the Griffin family has been airing since 1999, giving it plenty of time to introduce and establish the main characters within the show.

Seth MacFarlane's series is known for its use of dark humour, social commentary and sometimes juvenile humour, with the combination of these aspects fitting in to make the series such a brilliant animated program. Often compared to shows such as South Park and The Simpsons, Family Guy could have easily fallen under the radar due to these comparisons.

However, it is the strong core of main characters that keeps the show afloat, even if it is arguably out of its prime. From the Griffin family (Peter, Lois, Stewie, Chris, Meg and Brian) to other mainstays such as Adam West, Peter's drinking buddies and others, there are so many characters that fans have fallen in love with.

While there are numerous characters, there are those that appear more than most. And thus, this list will rank these characters to determine which main characters stand above the rest.

12. Meg Griffin

Family Guy Adam West
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Meg is the least popular member of the Griffin family, and it is easy to see why. The character is mainly utilised as a punching bag and an abuse victim, with the family (mainly Peter) constantly bullying her and using her as the butt of many jokes.

While these jokes can be quite hilarious at times, other times the jokes feel a bit out of place or just disturbing. The character has generally shined when she has stood up against her abuse (typically in the schooling environment), however this is often short lived.

Meg also does not really have a personality other than being a punching bag. Other key episodes have seen Meg become obsessively in love with characters such as Joe and Brian, which typically felt like the same plot thread with the character unable to learn her lesson the first time.

The character is rarely integral to the plot, and the episodes where she is are often the weakest showings in Family Guy. Truly, Meg is the weakest member of the Griffin family.

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