Family Guy: Every 'Road To' Episode Ranked Worst To Best

Brian and Stewie don't stink as a duo, they're actually the best Family Guy has to offer.

Family Guy Road To The Multiverse

It has been 23 years since Family Guy first aired, and over those two plus decades it’s fair to say that the show has carved out a legacy for itself in the world of TV. It has found something of a niche in the shock value arena, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Seth MacFarlane and co. have built the Griffins and Quahog around them, not quite to the same level as Springfield, but there are still a lot of characters to draw on. Even after all this time however, arguably two of the most popular characters are Brian and Stewie, particularly when paired for a story.

There are countless episodes where the two have come together, with the likes of ‘Back to the Pilot’ and ‘Brian & Stewie’ being fan favourites, however they actually have their own series of episodes throughout the Family Guy run.

Since season two, there have been eight ‘Road to’ episodes that have separated themselves from the rest of the Family Guy back catalogue. Featuring an adventure based around Brian and Stewie, starting with their own intro and usually featuring a wonderful musical number, these outings have become incredibly popular over the years. However, they haven't all been created equal…

8. Road To India

Family Guy Road To The Multiverse

One of the reasons why the ‘Road to’ style of Family Guy episodes are so popular is not just because of the dynamic between Brian and Stewie, but because of the adventure they go on. There is usually a fun story either on the journey or at their destination, but 'Road to India' had none of this.

As Brian fell in love with Padma, a tech support agent based in India, he flew out there with Stewie to find her. The narrative of him trying to raise the money in order to pay her father back for the dowry he already offered on her arranged marriage just wasn’t compelling.

It felt more like a normal episode of Family Guy than a ‘Road to’ episode, and a poor one at that. Not to mention that it was peppered with too many poor jokes about Indian culture to ever really be that enjoyable.

As one of the few ‘Road to’ episodes with a B story, 'Road to India' even boasts the worst of these, as Peter going to bingo and stealing the hobby from Joe was incredibly uninspired. It seemed like it only existed to fill time in the episode because the A story couldn’t last for 20 minutes.

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