Family Guy: You'll Never Get 100% On This True Or False Quiz!

Buttscratcher, buttscratcher! Get your buttscratcher here! Well, it's a quiz... but close enough.


Created by Seth MacFarlane way back in the relative yesteryear of 1999, Family Guy has recently been renewed for its nineteenth season!

Though it took a while to find its feet, with iffy animation, an inconsistent tone and a big bald burping yellow shadow hanging over its every move, Family Guy has since climbed the cartoon pop culture ladder and become a mainstay on screens across the globe. Much like a certain oversized chicken, it seems nothing can slay the Family Guy.

That's not to say its own network didn't try though: Fox notoriously cancelled the show. Twice.

While it initially faced criticism for being cheap and low brow, and didn't have the accolades, awards or critical adoration of The Simpsons (or the support of any of that show's writers), Family Guy has since won eight Emmys and even had a double-length crossover episode with the Springfield five.

All in all, the show has carved out a cutaway, gross-out, no-holds barred niche, with a who's-who of guest stars and cameos, which has kept Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian true to those good 'ol fashioned values.

Time to dig deep into your cartoon trivia bank and see how many tidbits, plot points and character names you can recall. Lucky you're a Family Guy, huh?

1. Stewie Created A Clone Of Brian That Permanently Replaced The Original


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