Fargo: 12 WTF Moments From The Season 2 Premiere 'Waiting For Dutch'

This is a true story.

2014 gave us two anthology crime series, both of them full of dark and twisted moments and not afraid to have fans going crazy wondering exactly what was going to happen.

This year both have returned for their second season. True Detective aired this summer with incredible hype and expectation, and unfortunately wasn't able to live up to it or move out the shadow of its predecessor. Given that, the worry was Fargo would also struggle in Season 2.

Those worries, I'm delighted to say, were completely unnecessary. Once again delving back into the world of Minnesota, this time taking things back before Season 1 and even before the Coen brothers' 1996 film, we're in 1979 Minnesota, with Molly Solverson's police officer dad, Lou, the only link between seasons at this early stage.

It's once again full of characters who aren't what they seem at first glance, either consumed by an inner-darkness or simply that wonderful small-town weirdness which was such a big part of Season 1's characters. It set the stage nicely for the rest of the year, and gave us plenty of moments that were violent, funny, and just plain strange. And, of course, all entirely true.

12. Massacre At Sioux Falls

We open up Season 2 of Fargo on a film set, the Massacre at Sioux Falls. There's a man dressed as an Indian, talk of Ronald Reagan , and bodies lying all over the ground. So far, so weird. It only gets stranger when the film's director comes onto shot, making some pretty close-to-the-knuckle remarks about the Indian character, but then stating that it's ok because he's a Jew, so believe him because they "know tribulation." The real mystery around this massacre surrounds what exactly has happened, something big enough to dramatise it to this effect. There was a mention of it in the first season, because it's the event that left Lou Solverson scarred for the rest of his life. Is this what Season 2 is building towards?


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