Father Ted: 12 Funniest Episodes

5. The Plague

"Rabbits? Where? Oh wow!" That is the reaction of Dougal to noticing there are a few dozen rabbits running around his living room. You would have thought that the addition of rabbits to brighten up the place would be quite welcome, but not when Bishop Brennan is coming to visit. Why the Bishop seemed to be scared of rabbits in a lift is a bit of a mystery. Nibbling at a cape is not something that would faze any of our favourite superheroes, but the lengths of Ted's diversions were a sight to behold. Throwing himself down the stairs and risking serious injury is a bit overboard, but that is fairly typical of the writers of this show €“ the priests will do anything to avoid the Bishop's wrath. Another feature of this episode being an all-time classic is the CCTV footage of Jack roaming the corridors in his role as a rabbit god. A drunken priest who can chew through rope in his sleep is a force to be reckoned with, and the horror-movie style camera work is genuinely unnerving. The funniest line of the episode also goes to Jack, with "hairy Japanese bastards!" being the bemusing reaction to the rabbits.
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