Father Ted: 12 Funniest Episodes

4. Are You Right There Father Ted

While Jack's description of the rabbits in 'The Plague' would potentially offend the Japanese, Ted managed to land himself in hot Chinese water in this laugh riot of an episode. The perfectly square bit of black dirt on the window, which also happened to be in the exact right spot to act as a moustache for Ted, could not have been timed any worse, as he attempted to wave to a local Chinese man. Ted organises a special multi-cultural event to attempt to apologise to the Chinese community, which doesn't go down fantastically, but at least assuages rumours sweeping the island that they have a racist priest in their midst. He even gets quite a jolly atmosphere, with even phrases like "I'm sorry the bar is closed" getting raucous cheers. That particular series of cheers is the most awkward yet wonderful moment of the episode €“ "More drink! Wheyyyy!" More drink indeed, and as Ted invites everyone back to his house to continue the party, everything seems fine, right? Wrong. Ted has also chosen this particular episode to befriend a local (but now dead) priest who left his immense collection of Nazi memorabilia to Ted. That naturally does not go down very well, and even as Ted attempts to smooth things over at the last with a years supply of whiskey delivered to the Yin family's house, Jack gets his hands on it and, well, slightly spoils the surprise. This was an episode with some of the most cringeworthy yet dazzling humour, and deserves its high placing on this list.
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