The Flash: 10 Predictions For The Rest Of The Series

What's going to happen in Central City?

The CW€™s Arrow spin-off featuring The Flash has proved to be a huge hit with both viewers and TV executives alike, even prompting one of the CW execs to call Arrow star Stephen Amell and enthuse about the universe suggesting it could last ten years or more. While that is rather ambitious given the series is all of nine episodes long so far it is showing a lot of promise and is back stateside on January 20th, followed by a UK return sometime in February. However, those nine opening episodes have left a lot of hints and teasers as to what could happen next, as well as creating a lot of mystery surrounding the characters that inhabit Central City. Fans are still left asking questions like just what is Harrison Wells up to? Why did Reverse Flash let Eddie Thawne live? What is going on with Firestorm? And how does Barry Allen afford all the food he has to eat on the salary of a Forensic Scientist? (Ok, maybe not that last one, but still€) With the US and UK on the same page, so to speak, and with anticipation building for the new episodes, now is the perfect time to look at what could happen next. Mild spoiler warning: Most of this is speculation, but it does include hints from the production team and character castings for future episodes, as well as the teaser just released by the CW.
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