Frasier: How It Should Be Re-Cast In 2021

Seattle's finest: the new breed.

Frasier Recast

The much-mooted reboot of Frasier continues to toil in TV development purgatory. Kelsey Grammer, in particular, frequently teases his impending return as everyone’s favorite stuffy small screen psychiatrist, but at this stage, it’s starting to feel like this may never happen. Depending on your perspective though, this may be a good or bad thing.

So instead of seeing an ageing Grammer slide back into the tweed, let’s consider how we might recast Frasier in 2022. The original show boasted a tight, brilliant cast with disparate characters who complemented one another perfectly, pulling in sitcom stalwarts and dramatic actors for a melting pot that worked like gangbusters for 11 remarkably consistent seasons.

It’s tough to imagine anyone else playing Niles, Roz, or - particularly - the titular Crane himself, but the world of TV is crammed full of talented performers who could, given the time, make the roles their own.

Perhaps one day we’ll see Grammer return to Seattle to once again sneer and quip at the mores of crass modernity, but he’s done it for 22 years. Maybe it’s time to let someone else have a go.

5. Frasier Crane - Paul F. Tompkins

Frasier Recast
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TV fans may recognise Paul F. Tompkins from most of the past decade’s best sitcoms: Community, Curb, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He’s previously featured more heavily on Mr Show, and even appeared on an episode of Frasier back in the day. He’s a visible presence, even if you don’t know his name.

To lovers of comedy at large, though, Tompkins has long been a superstar. He’s pretty much the king of comedy podcasts, appearing frequently on every major funny show you can think of, particularly Comedy Bang! Bang!, and his stand up ranks among the best in the world.

Tompkins could have a whale of a time getting stuck into the verbose dialogue of Frasier, and has somewhat of an old soul quality to him that could be tweaked to fit the tenor of the show, whether the good doctor is rhapsodising about opera or bemoaning the latest depths pop culture has sunk to.

He also has a delightful, mellifluous voice (which he lends to Bojack Horseman) that any self respecting radio DJ needs. He’s long deserved a major role like this, and would absolutely nail it.

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