Friends: 10 Worst Things Monica Has Ever Done

Monica has done plenty of wonderful things, but here are the worst things she has ever done.

Friends Monica

TV show Friends follows the ups and downs in the lives of its six main characters living in New York City. Monica Geller was one of them. She launched herself into fans' lives as the epitome of “a strong and independent woman living in a big city”. She is a good friend, a good sister to Ross, and a talented chef. Caring deeply for her friends and family she did plenty of wonderful things for them, though she did have a tendency to be bossy and controlling. Monica does what she wants to do. She is a creature of impulse, and everyone loves her for it.

She was also incredibly competitive, which sometimes led to her own downfall. Even though she is not spared from occasionally being too judgmental or critical of others, she hated being criticized. Annoying, right? Fine, fine, judge all you want. But Ross has married a lesbian, Rachel left a man at the altar, Phoebe fell in love with a gay ice dancer, Joey threw a girl’s wooden leg in a fire, Chandler lived in a box!

When her friends, brother, parents, or colleagues are being especially judgmental or obnoxious, the Monica that fans knew has no problem calling them out on their faults.

Now, it’s time to reveal ten of the worst things Monica has ever done.

10. She Ran Back To Richard

Friends Monica

In the episode “The One with the Proposal”, after weeks of preparation Chandler was planning to propose to Monica. He decided to throw her off and make the proposal a surprise. Thus, pretending to want nothing to do with the marriage, he told Monica about how he hates marriage and cannot see why anyone should get married. Monica believed him and winded up back in Richard's arms for a brief time.

Of course, you remember Richard. That guy with a glorious, glorious moustache. Richard was everyone’s dream man, was he not? But how could Monica act like that? Even if Chandler hurt her feelings…

Understandably, she was confused and needed some space to work things out on her own, but running back to an ex, who never wanted kids was never the answer.

Even when Richard wanted to get back together, Monica was already vulnerable and was emotionally in a fragile state. Plus, assuming that she loved Chandler so much, it was a heck of a risk to go to Richard and put her relationship with Chandler at risk.


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