Friends: 10 Worst Things Monica Has Ever Done

9. She Flirted With Celebrities Even Though She Was Married

Friends Monica

In “The One With The Soap Opera Party”, Rachel found out that Joey has been having a secret party on the roof for his fellow soap opera actors. It turned out he had that party every year and no one realized it. When everyone found out, they forced Joey to allow them to come, promising to act cool.

Monica, however, was the one who could barely control herself. She, in particular, had one of the actors sign her bra and shamelessly flirted, seemingly forgetting the fact that she was married. She even confessed that if she had known she was coming to this party she never would have gotten married.

Poor Chandler was not around to witness any of it. He was the only one waiting for his “friends” and his wife in the play Joey was initially going to send them all to. Oh man, so humiliating․

Faithfulness is important, but Monica didn't seem to think so at this party. She forgot about her husband!!! However, she promised Joey not to come to the next year’s party and after all was so, so, so, sorry about Chandler.


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