Friends: 10 Worst Things Phoebe Has Ever Done

She’ll be there for you… but probably not!

Friends Phoebe

Since her introduction in 1994, Phoebe Buffay has been a fan favourite. From her weird and wonderful antics to her bizarrely hilarious jokes, Phoebe is an extremely memorable character.

As an integral member of the six friends, the singing masseuse has had her fair share of storylines and plot points, a lot of which being nice. Her relationship with Mike, as an example. However with the nice plot lines come a lot of not so nice ones. Although they may often be disguised with humour, as is the show's way, Phoebe has done some surprisingly bad things. Whether it affects her friends, partners, strangers, or even her sister, Phoebe certainly has a dark side and isn't immedietly stopped by her morals.

Here are the ten worst things Phoebe Buffay has done throughout Friends' ten season run.

10. She Mugged Ross When He Was A Teenager

Friends Phoebe

In the episode 'The One With The Mugging', Ross revealed that he was mugged as a teenager by another teenage boy. Upon telling the others about this, Phoebe announces that actually it was her, a fact that Ross immediately denies as he reckon he couldn't have been mugged by a girl. This is shortly cleared up when Phoebe brings out a box of stuff from when she was young containing a comic book that Ross made himself before it got stolen during the mugging, by none other than Phoebe.

Phoebe naturally felt incredibly guilty, apologised, and gave Ross back the comic she'd stolen and kept all these years, but it's certainly one of the worst things she's done since she did it without remorse at the time. Admittedly she was on the streets, and she was also a teenager so in that context it's not quite as if she mugged a child now, as an adult. It's still not right and just adds to the list of things Phoebe really should have a conscience for.

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