Friends: 10 Worst Things Rachel Has Ever Done

Will you be joining the 'I Hate Rachel' club?

Friends Rachel

Some 27 years after it first aired, Friends remains a TV show that is still enjoyed by millions of people all over the world on a daily basis. Whether it’s a new generation of fans just discovering the show or older fans re-watching episodes for the millionth time, viewers still enjoy watching the six friends and each of them continue to hold a prominent place in popular culture.

While the debate will always rage on as to who the ‘best’ friend is, it could definitely be argued that Rachel is the heart and soul of the show. She made an immediate impact with her iconic entrance in the first episode, and her introduction to the group really kick-started the story that gripped audiences for a decade and established Friends as one of the most successful sitcoms in television history.

Rachel arrived as a naïve spoilt brat, trying to find her way in life and ended the series as a proud mother and a self-made, successful businesswoman.

But that’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing for Rachel, she has had ups and downs in her professional life, in her on-again, off-again relationship with Ross and with everything else in between.

Rachel Karen Greene won the hearts of millions of viewers throughout her journey, but if we stop to take a closer look, we can see that she has done some pretty awful things, not least having the audacity to steal another person’s cheesecake!

10. She Left Barry At The Altar

Friends Rachel

The world was introduced to Rachel Greene as the rain-soaked, runaway bride that burst into Central Perk in the debut episode of Friends.

By the end of the first episode, Rachel had ended things with Barry, stopped taking money from her Father, stopped relying on credit cards and got herself a job as a waitress.

She was out on her own, ready to try new things and find her own way in life.

That’s all great, at least for Rachel, but can we all spare a thought for Barry?

You have to presume that Barry was in love with Rachel and was looking forward to a long and happy marriage with her, only for her to abandon him and embarrass him on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life.

Perhaps he did look like Mr. Potato Head and maybe Rachel was more turned on by a gravy boat, but give the guy a heads up and let him down gently.

What makes this act even worse is that Rachel didn't even learn anything from it, she married Ross on a drunken whim in Las Vegas and hastily accepted an inadvertent proposal from Joey shortly after giving birth to Emma.

Think about what you are committing to Rachel!

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