Friends: 10 Worst Things Rachel Has Ever Done

9. She Slept With Paolo Again After He Had Groped Phoebe

Friends Rachel

If she was being honest, Rachel would probably admit that her fling with Paolo was never going to last. He could barely speak any English and by Rachel’s own admission, their relationship was built on “meaningless animal sex”.

Eventually, Paolo proved Ross right by revealing himself as a ‘crap weasel’ when he groped Phoebe whilst getting a massage from her. This incident led to Rachel breaking up with Paolo, but this wasn’t the last we would see of the Italian.

When Rachel was feeling down about Ross and Julie, she ended up sleeping with Paolo again to try and make herself feel better. This not only highlights a time in Rachel’s life when she had low enough self-respect to sleep with a known womaniser, who effectively cheated on her, but the real crime here is against Phoebe.

Bringing Paolo back into the apartment, in front of Phoebe, shows a clear lack of respect to her so-called friend after what that 'weenie from Torini’ had done to her.

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