Friends Ex-Files Quiz: Which One Of Phoebe's Exes Said It?

"He may not be my soulmate, but a girl's gotta eat."


The final instalment in the Friends Ex-Files quiz series (go check out the previous entries for Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Monica and Joey if you've got time to kill) features everyone's favourite kooky eccentric songstress, Miss Phoebe Buffay.

Resolutely single for the vast majority of the show's ten year run, Phoebe isn't exactly backward about coming forward, regularly asking guys out and coming second only to Joey in her enthusiasm for a little casual knocking of the boots. As a result, we're kind of spoiled for choice - so we've aimed for the guys who were most memorable to give you lot a fighting chance.

Again, for the purposes of this Friends quiz we're defining 'ex' as anyone who Phoebe was romantically involved with, from kissing to full-on relationships and all points in between. And yes, Mike counts as an ex - they temporarily split up in season nine and get back together in season ten, so NYAH!

So, can you guess which quote goes with which ex? Just how big a Friends nerd are you? 1000 Internet Points if you make it to 100%!

Answers at the end!

1. "The Lightning Was An Unfortunate Coincidence! You Look Lovely! Lovely!"

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