Friends Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes Quiz: Who Said It: Joey Or Jake?

Which pizza lover said it?


There have been many attempts to try and recreate the same success and popularity that Friends brought back in the '90s but very few have managed to come close. While Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn't tick all the same boxes as Friends, there's no denying that this show deserves a spot near the top as one of the best sitcoms of the last ten years.

Whether you're a die hard Friends fan or a Die Hard Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, there's no denying that the success of both shows owes its thanks to two very loveable guys. Joey Tribbiani and Jake Peralta. Their childish yet humorous behaviour makes it hard not to like them. But do you know these characters as well as you think you do? Can you distinguish who said the following quotes? Was it Joey or was it Jake?

Let us know how you did in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. "I Appreciate The Offer, But I Work Best Alone. Except When It Comes To Sex."

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