Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Chandler Bing Or Marshall Eriksen?

Which beloved friend, husband and father was it?

Friends How I Met Your Mother

One thing that really makes or breaks a sitcom is its relatability. The whole point of a situational comedy is to get you giggling at a reflection of real life, albeit very heightened. Even the most over-the-top comedy shows know this, and very few do it better than Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

Both of these shows focus distinctly on dating, friendships, interpersonal relationships, awkwardness and all the other tasty treats that make life what it is. Thanks to this, they have both managed to carve their names into the eternal legacy of situational comedy. Still, when it comes to relatability, there are two characters who soar higher than anyone else, those being Chandler and Marshall.

These two are utterly loveable, thanks to their goofiness, awkward tendencies and overly emotional natures. This kind of thing might make them victims to plenty of jeers and jokes from the rest of the cast, but it's what makes them so beloved by fans.

While they are both great characters in their own right, it's safe to say that you can't always tell which of them said it. Thus, let's see if you can be any more up to this challenge!

1. "What Do You Call A Fish With No Eyes? Fsh."


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