Friends Or Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It, Joey Or Dean?

Which of these lovable studs where the one that said the thing that they did?


We all know a Joey or a Dean. Not just in name of course, meaning that we all have somebody similar to this kind of person in our friend group or have met somebody with the same mannerisms. The good looks, the macho bravado with the alpha male mentality, and with that naturally comes the extremely successful way with women.

Regardless of these qualities on paper portraying these guys as territorial beasts, in their respective shows they are beloved and are very much fan favourites. Neither Joey or Dean are singular protagonists to their shows, often the contrary playing a supporting role as a protector in their own individual ways. Whether it be Joey there for any of his multiple friends, or Dean putting himself at risk time after time for his brother these men definitely have good hearts. When that fails there is always the hilarious things Joey and Dean come out with consistently!

But which one of these guys said the quote?

1. "Because. That's How You Become President."


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