Friends Or The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It – Chandler Bing Or Sheldon Cooper?

Was it Matthew Perry's Chandler or Jim Parsons' Sheldon?

Friends/The Big Bang Theory Quiz

We all love to re-watch the best snippets of our favourite TV series and remember epic moments and lines. Today, we don't need to record them on our camera and sculpt them into a slideshow. Fortunately, we can just run the beloved shows on television or web platforms.

Two of the most streamed TV shows of all time are Friends and The Big Bang Theory, owing their success to the epic storylines and unique characters in both shows. Sometimes you watch the show and then forget its title or even the main characters, but with these two shows, you know exactly what they are!

Let's face it, how can you ever forget hopeless, and awkward and desperate for love Chandler Bing or robot like genius Sheldon Cooper? Their jokes, quotes, crazy dance moves, bongo playing and boyfriend material evaluation puts all other characters in the shade.

Let’s see how well you really know the most memorable characters of both shows. Can you remember which mega mind stands behind the following lines. Was it Chandler Bing or was it Sheldon Cooper?

Answers at the end!

1. "Could We Be More White Trash?"


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