Friends: Progressively Funnier Ross Geller Quiz

How well do you know Professor McNails-His-Students, or simply Dr. Ross Geller?

Friends Ross

When it comes to Friends, we involuntarily start stereotyping. Rachel is the fashionable one. Phoebe is the weird one. Joey is the dumb one. Monica is the organised one. Ross is the sensitive one. And finally Chandler is the funny one. But, what about Chandler’s cool suits and ties, Joey’s knowledge on volcanoes and Monica’s messy closet? What about the guy who had his joke printed in Playboy?

Funny moments developed around Ross Geller were completely based on the character's cluelessness of what was going on. Why, God, why? David Schwimmer managed to evolve during ten splendid seasons and made Ross Geller a great guy and became more amusing with every new episode.

The Dino-Guy and his emotional outbursts, awkward gestures and facial expressions are what you need to split your sides. While Ross is working on his next joke for Playboy, we suggest that you go back to square one and remember all the hilarious moments of Red Ross. Good luck!

How will you score on this progressively funnier Ross Geller quiz?

Answers at the end!

1. What Was Ross Selling For Sarah Tuttle?


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