Friends Quiz: Bet You Can’t Name All These Guest Star Characters

Only a true Friends superfan will be able to name all of these guests stars quiz!

Friends Julia Roberts

Whether you’re a huge fan of a more casual viewer, everybody who’s ever seen Friends has their own personal favourite moments and memories. For ten years, Friends pulled in ludicrous viewing figures, as it generated a monumental fan base right across the globe.

Even now, closing in on 18 years since Friends aired its final ever episode, this spectacular sitcom remains just as popular – if not even more so – as it ever was during its initial ten-season run.

The main attraction of Friends was and is obviously the six core characters of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe, but another part of the charm of the show was in how it brilliantly utilised guest stars through its tenure. Whether that was one-and-done appearances or short multi-episode story arcs, so many great guests stars made their way through the Friends landscape.

Are you somebody who likes to think of yourself as the biggest of Friends fans? If so, here’s the perfect quiz for you, as only a true Friends superfan will be able to name all of these guests stars who popped up at some point or other during the series’ ten years.

1. Who Did Bruce Willis Play In Friends?


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