Friends Quiz: Can You Name Monica Geller's Love Interests?

Hypothetically, why wouldn't she be married when she's 40?

Friends Richard Burke Monica

While focusing on friendship and careers, independence and hobbies, Friends devoted a large portion of screen time to romantic gestures, dates and serious relationships. From the very first moment, it was obvious that Joey was the ladies’ man, Chandler was the hopeless romantic, desperate and awkward for love and, well, Ross was married to a lesbian.

The story for Rachel, Phoebe and Monica reads a little different. Rachel wasn't really interested in serious relationships until she discovered Ross’ feelings for her. Phoebe went from guy to guy, having fun and never worrying about how it turned out. And on the contrary, Monica Geller had baby fever and always dreamed of being a bride. But that didn't necessarily mean that she had a less competitive dating record than her friends.

In between long relationship with Richard and Chandler, our little Harmonica tried her luck with many other fellas, but the truth is that only these two gentlemen were the fans’ favourites.

Well, let’s see if you can remember all the other characters that were somehow romantically related to Mrs. I-want-to-live-in-a-house-made-of-cheese. Shake the memory bush one more time and see what falls out.

1. Who Is This?


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