Friends Quiz: Can You Remember All The Colours?

The One All About Colour.

Friends Trivia Episode

Despite first airing over twenty-seven years ago, Friends will never really age. Yes, the outfits and technology may become outdated, but the jokes and storylines will stand the test of time.

Friends proved that sometimes just a well-written squabble of flatmates is enough to create a successful show. However, it probably is worth mentioning that a couple of guest stars such as Julia Roberts, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Brad Pitt gathered a whopping 53 million viewers!

The show not only set a high bar for dialogues, but it also changed the usual sitcom structure. There was no main character. There was six. Another innovation was the long-term arcs of the characters throughout the shows 10 seasons. Viewers wondered if Ross and Rachel would ever properly end up together. They wondered if Janice was a permanent fixture in Chandler's life. And they wondered if Monica's obsessive behaviour would make her a singleton for life. Of course, we found the answers out to all of those questions.

With so many crazy and memorable things to recall, can you remember the minor details? Can you remember the colours of character’s dresses? Or the colours of their umbrellas? Try this quiz and find out just how good your memory is!

Answers at the end!

1. What Colour Is The Settee At Central Perk?


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