Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Trivia Game Contest?

Can you ACTUALLY remember what Chandler Bing's actual job is?

Friends The Contest

Is there a more iconic episode of Friends than The One With the Embryos which featured the legendary trivia game "The Contest" where our favourite New Yorkers competed against each other to see how much they really knew about each other.

The Contest was so entertaining because the stakes were just so high with Monica and Rachel’s apartment on the line (we won’t spoil what Joey and Chandler had to put up to play because it’s one of the questions below!) alongside personal pride!

You could argue The One With the Embryos was the best sitcom episode since Seinfeld’s own version of The Contest some years earlier. Friends’ version of The Contest ended up being one of its most important episodes, a landmark moment where the Friends dynamics were changed forever and of course we finally knew EXACTLY what Chandler Bing’s job wasn’t (but we still don’t really know what it is he does, do we?).

How much can you remember about the trivia game that dominated this episode? Can you remember the origins of how it came about or what the answers to the specific questions were?

As always you can find the answers at the end!

1. Joey And Chandler Instigated The Idea For The Contest After Guessing The Items In What?


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