Friends Quiz: Ross Geller - Finish These Quotes

How much do you remember about the Rossatron's best lines?


While some more cynical Friends fans seem to think that #RossIsTrash, it was his on-off romance with Rachel Green that really captured hearts in the fanbase across a decade of beloved episodes. And there's no denying that he went on a hell of a journey.

Starting out as a sadsack loser who'd grown up an insufferable geek/keyboard prodigy, Professor Geller went from being The Divorcer to finally settling with his lobster when she got off the plane. Early on, he was the butt of lots jokes to being one of the most hilarious and eminently quotable of all of the Friends.

And some of us even count him as our favourite character. But can you complete some of his most famous lines?

Answers at the end!

1. '''Cause She Doesn’t Hate..."

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