Friends Quiz: Ross Or Monica - Who Was It?

Do you know the Gellers as well as you think? Or will you pull a Monica on this quiz?


From 1994 to 2004, and even with reruns since, Friends has dominated the television scene, with very few shows able to reach the popularity the king of American sitcoms has earned for itself. This paved the way for the likes of The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and one of the biggest reasons for its success is the friends themselves.

While most of Central Perk's best customers are as close as siblings, two of them actually are. Growing up together Ross and Monica never really got on, but as adults they grew to become best friends, able to talk to each other about almost anything.

Being part of the same group of friends, Jack and Judy's children have found themselves in some weird situations together. From dancing their routine for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve to confessing all of their childhood lies to their parents over Thanksgiving dinner, the Gellers have been through a lot.

Yet, not all of their adventures have come together, as the two have some often unbelievable stories to tell about their own lives, and the weird situations they have gotten themselves into. Can you tell apart the Gellers just by what they have done in the past?

1. Who Tipped Their Mail Man With Cookies?


This standard nerd combines the looks of Shaggy with the brains of Scooby, has an unhealthy obsession with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is a firm believer that Alter Bridge are the greatest band in the world.