Friends Quiz: Who Am I - Chandler, Joey Or Phoebe?

Sarcastic Ms. Chanandler Bong, womaniser Ken Adams or flaky Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock?

Friends Quiz

Friends is, without a doubt, a perfect example of where every character is on an equal footing with the other. Whether it be the dynamic duo of Chandler and Joey or the childhood besties Monica and Rachel, the 90s hangout sitcom knows how to build unique relationships. And it's not just iconic guy-guy and girl-girl duos that became iconic. If you turn your attention to platonic trios, we'll definitely have some outstanding dynamics. The guy trio of Chandler, Joey and Ross comes to mind.

Another super funny yet not that prominent fan-favourite trio is that of Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. The three characters portray the strongest personalities out of the group. Chandler's dry sarcasm and sharp wit, Phoebe's other-worldly antics and Joey's stupid yet lovable wholeheartedness are some of the most adored personality traits. Whenever these characters interacted on the show, their auras bounced off each other in the most memorable and funniest ways imaginable.

The three definitely accounted for some of the most iconic moments and didn't need much screen time to shine and reflect on that special relationship. Similarly, the fans harbour a special bond with these three characters. So let's put that bond to the test and see if fans can tell these three weird goofballs apart from just a sentence about their lives.

1. I Was Shot In The Butt With A Tranquilliser Dart.


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