Friends Quiz: Who Did It - Phoebe, Joey Or Both?

Was it Princess Consuela Banana Hammock or Dr. Drake Ramoray?

Friends Joey Phoebe

Friends posed a diverse array of characters and, throughout its ten-year run, showcased three-four subplots every episode. This paved way to explore all the different character pairings.

The fan-favourite Joey and Chandler best friend/roommate dynamic or the on-again-off-again relationship saga of Ross and Rachel might be the first that comes to mind, and even though they have always been the main focal point among fans, the show also offers some seriously underrated dynamics. And the one that constantly flies under the radar is the undeniable bond between Joey and Phoebe.

Ken Adams and Regina Phalange are two of the most random and goofiest personalities on the show, often serving as the ridiculous palate cleanser between the series' more serious-minded drama. And while their other-worldly antics might come across as a bit ditzy and dumb, they both have the biggest hearts and always mean well to their friends.

And while romantic sparks never flew between them, the two shared a kiss on multiple occasions and went through a lot together across the ten seasons. So, here's a quiz recalling some of the most iconic things Joey and Phoebe did. Can you tell these two apart?

1. Who Starred In A Porn Movie?


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