Friends Quiz: Who Said It – Rachel Or Chandler?

Friends Quotes Quiz: Was It Rachel Green Or Chandler Bing Who Said These Memorable Lines?


That Friends is just as popular today as it was when the series concluded nearly 17 years ago is testament to how game-changing the show’s ten-season run was and continues to be.

Thanks to plentiful re-runs across the globe, eyes both old and new have been able to revisit Friends on a regular basis in the years since the show came to a close in 2004. With days’ worth of TV time often blocked out by the antics of Friends’ core cast, the show’s jokes and emotional beats still hit as well now as they did the first time around.

Of course, everybody has their own favourite character from this beloved series – and two characters who many often find themselves still flocking to are Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green and Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing.

Like their fellow pals, Rachel and Chandler have so many memorable lines dotted across Friends’ ten seasons, but how well do you remember the dialogue of this duo?

Here, there’s a Friends quiz that only the biggest fans of the show will have a chance of doing well on, as there’s lines of dialogue spouted by either Rachel or Chandler – you just have to identify who said what!

1. I Broke Up With You Because I Was Mad At You, Not Because I Stopped Loving You.


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