Friends Quiz: Who Said It – Ross Or Rachel?

The perfect Friends quiz for fans who have watched every episode over and over again.


It’s scary to think how popular Friends became during its ten-season run.

For some perspective, the most watched episode in the show’s history was watched by nearly 53 million people when it aired in the United States. Added to that, the success of the series can be measured by how the six characters at Friends’ core were commanding $1 million each per episode for the show’s final two seasons.

A major part of the success of Friends, of course, was the will they/won’t they, on/off relationship of David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller and Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green. This duo went from flirtatious, to a relationship, to exes, to enemies, to friends, and everything in between before finally settling down together when the series’ ten years came to a close.

What made this couple so great, was in how the two played off each other and how they were both more than happy to fire a quip or two in each other’s direction when the time called for it. And it’s there that the attention is on here.

If you’re one of those fans who have watched every episode of Friends over and over again, here’s the perfect quotes quiz for you – as here it’s all about deciding whether it was Ross or Rachel who delivered each of the following lines!

1. I’m Over You. And That, My Friends, Is What You Call Closure.


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