Friends Quiz: Who Said It To Joey Tribbiani?

Can you tell Chandler's uniquely sarcastic tone apart from Monica's severity?

Joey Friends

Joey Tribbiani is arguably the funniest of all six main Friends characters, getting himself into countless sticky situations and dropping a slew of delightfully ridiculous, impossibly iconic one-liners throughout the series.

But Friends would of course be nothing without the chemistry-rich banter between the central characters, who have shared their rich and diverse perspectives on life and love in the Big Apple across the show's ten seasons and 236 episodes.

And so, can you figure out which character said each of these choice quotes to Joey?

You'll need a firm ear for the distinctive voices of each of the six friends to get anywhere near 100% on this quiz. Can you tell Chandler's uniquely sarcastic tone apart from Monica's severity, or Ross' distinct incredulity? And what about those unforgettable quips from more minor supporting characters?

That said, it's definitely worth checking all your answers twice, because not all of these one-liners are quite as obvious as they might at first seem.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. "Do You Think That Maybe On Some Level, You Don't Want To Take Off My Bra?"


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