Friends Quiz: Who Searched It - Monica, Phoebe Or Rachel?

Was it bossy Monica, flaky Phoebe or pushover Rachel?

Monica Rachel Phoebe

How am I supposed to cook an English trifle? How to tell your friend that you mugged him? How do you make your friend choose you as a date instead of your other friend? These are the questions that kept the female cast of the iconic sitcom Friends busy.

Phoebe, Rachel and Monica were an unbreakable trio of goddesses. They tried to stop the guys from stealing their wind. Within the course of the series, the three Windkeepers dealt with many crazy situations at work and in their personal life. Sometimes they messed up so badly that the only way of stopping the sequence of chaotic mistakes was delegating the process of making life choices to another person. Like that time when Rachel decided she was not allowed to make decisions and over controlling Monica took the job right away. Of course, it did not end well.

If only the girls knew more about the Internet. We are pretty sure that a simple search would help more than the book “Be Your Own Windkeeper”. Let’s imagine what the search history of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe would look like if they tried to get answers from the web.

1. What Rhymes With Rachel?


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