Friends Quotes Quiz: Joey Tribbiani - Who Said It To Him?

You hung up on the pizza place? I don't hang up on YOUR friends!


Every single person in the gigantic ocean of Friends fans love the simple, and almost child like man that is Joey Tribbiani. Ten years of his unnatural love for food seems to be only rivaled by his relentless love for women. Not that the love for them ever helps his memory when it comes to their names.

Joey has always been a sincere man that says what he means, probably due to a lack of brain cells required to keep a secret or hide an emotion. But with that simplicity comes a fondness and a sense of innocence. Quite ironic as apparently he has slept with the whole female half of New York.

One thing we don't often notice when thinking of Joey are the responses and reactions of his friends around him, which can be equally as hilarious as his dilemmas or nonsensical spoutings.

Have you took notice of these responses and reactions? Can you identify who said these quotes to him?

Answers are at the end!

1. Joey, The Dog Will Lick Himself, But Will Not Touch Your Sandwich. What Does That Tell You?


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