Friends Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Richard Burke Or Pete Becker?

How well do you remember these two suitors of Monica's?

Friends Monica Richard Pete

Monica Geller's relationship history is a graphic with ups and downs. Before settling down with legendary commitment freak Chandler Bing, Monica swam in the ocean of disappointment and bad timing. Amongst these doomed relationships, she dated Chip, who hadn't changed at all since high school. Then there was Julio, who viewed Monica as an empty vase. And how can we forget the ironically boring Fun Bobby.

Despite the short term relationships, little Harmonica had also some serious liaisons. One with a millionaire, who she was ready to say "YES" to in case of a proposal. The other was with her eye doctor, who she tried to replace with a younger version, his son. But, let's face it, that was awkward.

The truth is that Pete and Richard had a real shot with high maintenance Monica, especially with Chandler out of picture. They were both loyal and romantic. It's too bad that one of them got carried away with becoming champion of Ultimate Fighting, and the other didn't want to have kids. Of course, this all worked out well for the Chan Chan Man.

Let's see how well you remember the episodes of Friends that Pete and Richard appeared in, as we ask you to guess which of these characters said each of the following lines.

Answers at the end!

1. "You Are My Future."


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