Friends Quotes Quiz: Who Said These Romantic Lines?

The One With All The Romantic Quotes.

Friends Rachel Joey

The lobster theory, friends to lovers, lovers to friends, female proposals - this is a kind of romance one can expect while watching the legendary show Friends. The collective dating record of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey is countless.

This beloved Manhattan gang were always open for new feelings and emotions, jumping from one relationship to another after a serious break-up. Although in Ross’ case, it was the hop from marriage to marriage after a serious divorce.

The intriguing dates and romances are the foundation Marta Kauffman and David Crane based the storyline of the show on. Despite the enormous portion of sarcastic jokes and hilarious cynical situations, Friends provided a necessary amount of love dose for the audience. It is served through heartwarming scenes, mutual understanding, and, of course, quotes as sweet as a box of candies made by Monica. Little drops of heaven!

Well, let’s see if you remember the romantic lines from Friends as much as you remember the “How you doing?”, “I know!”, “Pivot!” and “Oh, my God!”. Which character is the master of these quotes?

1. "Because I Was Mad At You! Not Because I Stopped Loving You!"


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