Friends: The Hardest Gunther Quiz Ever

The impossible Friends trivia quiz - How much do you remember about Gunther's time on Friends?

Friends Gunther

It’s utterly nuts to sit down and think that it’s approaching 17 years Friends aired for the final time, but that is unfortunately the case.

Having ran for ten seasons, Friends finally came to a close in May 2004, although the slight silver lining is that the show has arguably increased in popularity in the years since its final episode.

That is down to how the series is forever repeated on countless channels across the globe, meaning that eyes old and new can enjoy the antics and adventures of Friends’ main players.

Where those main players are concerned, of course, the focus of Friends was mostly on Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe during the show’s lifespan. But cleverly, the series also utilised the Central Perk location as essentially a character all of its own – and when you talk about Central Perk, you have to think about the venue’s resident barista, Gunther.

Can you remember the ins and outs of Gunther’s time on your TV screen? Here’s hoping, for ahead is a quiz that only the biggest of Friends fans will do well on.

Take our quiz below and remember, as always, the answers are at the end.

1. Because Of An Exchange With Ross We Know Gunther Is Fluent In Which Foreign-language?


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